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100% Chiropractic

The Creative Process for 100% Chiropractic

100% Chiropractic, a trusted name in the healthcare industry, engaged A Cubed Productions to collaborate on the development and filming of an impactful commercial. The primary objective was to deliver a sincere and compelling message on the importance and benefits of chiropractic care for overall health and well-being. To ensure the commercial aligned seamlessly with their brand, we provided expert guidance in script development, storyboarding, and shot lists.

Our dedicated team worked closely with 100% Chiropractic, leveraging their deep understanding of the brand and their commitment to delivering exceptional healthcare services. By collaborating closely and incorporating their valuable input, we ensured that the commercial remained true to their vision and brand ethos.

The commercial spot served as a powerful tool to raise awareness among both new and existing customers, highlighting the significance of chiropractic care and its positive impact on overall health. By effectively communicating the value of their services, the commercial ultimately drove increased revenue and solidified 100% Chiropractic’s brand reputation as a trusted provider in the healthcare industry.

At A Cubed Productions, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results that exceed our clients’ expectations. By combining our expertise in video production with 100% Chiropractic’s commitment to quality care, we were able to create a commercial that resonated with their target audience and showcased their brand’s unique value proposition.

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